Our Story


With a background in sales, a passion for wine, and a noted palate, we started our wine distribution business in Iowa and continue to find great joy in the new experiences and friends we are meeting along the way.

Our goal is to work with smaller wineries and winemakers who wanted to share their products beyond the borders of their states or countries. We know there were many quality and value-priced wines that are not in the Iowa market, and it's been our pleasure to bring them to our Iowa customers!

If you are a restaurant or wine retailer looking to give your customers a wine experience they can't find "everywhere else," Contact Us.

If you are looking to market your wines in Iowa, please Contact Us.

And, if you are a wine lover looking for new adventure, check out the Our Wines and Where to Buy sections of this website.

Vitis is the Latin word for "vine" and the genus name for grape. We use the pronunciation VEE-tus for our business, but we'll also answer to VY-tus if that suits you better.